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She had gone out on to her balcony to watch the sun rise, letting the first rays seep into her skin. Now, more than ever, Ghanima missed Dune. Missed the cleansing heat of the sun and sands. This weak sun was not her ideal choice, but it would do. It warmed her, soothed her, and steeled her resolve in what she must do.

That had been hours ago. Years. Centuries.

"Drowned is innocence of ceremony."

The bedroom of Ghanima's suite was in shreds. It was utterly unrecognizable, looking more like the scene of a natural disaster than like the rest of the rooms she had redecorated during her residence, It had been a warm, tapestry-covered and drape-filled warren that resembled the rooms of a Fremen. Typical Western-style furniture had long-since been put into the hotel storage, in favor of cushions and bookcases, chests and low-tables.

The only untouched item in the room was a notebook, laid open to a blank page, and the ink and quill laying beside it. The scent of cinnamon hung heavy in the air, almost oppressive in its thickness.

"Everywhere and loosed. Is tide dimmed-blood." Something moved in a far corner and then was gone. "No. No no no no no no I am not listening to your wailing. Be silent, you chattering harpies, or be useful. I must focus, I need to see."

The pathways were there, before her, if she could find her way through the mists that veiled the future. She did not have Leto's innate talent for it, or even the power of her father, but she was Atreides. The Holy Oracle. She could still walk where Alia had tread, and possibly further.

She simply needed to see.

[OOC: For one. My canon is a strange and screwed-up place, where this is normal for this family. DELIBERATE DRUG OVERDOSE AND ADDICT BEHAVIOUR WITHIN That Ghanima deliberately overdosed is NFB.]
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